"Times Change" for Chilwell pub as demolition application submitted

A planning application has been submitted to Broxtowe Borough Council's Planning Department for the demolition of the 'Inham Nook' Pub in Chilwell.

Situated on the corner of Inham Road and Great Hogget Drive, the post-war estate pub has been serving the residents of Chilwell for decades.

After being closed for long period of time over the COVID-19 Pandemic the pub has ceased to make a full recovery and subsequently 'closed for good'.

Received on the 16th December this year, a prior notification to demolish the public house and associated buildings here.


Rumours had been spreading on social media for while about the plans for the place since it closed.

One post on Facebook with the interest of the rumours was been left with dozens of comments of spit options.

A number of people who remember the "good times" are left with disbelief at the news, with comments such as;

"[I] can't believe it"
"lots of memories [when] growing up"
"Can't believe a legend is being knocked down"

On the other end of the spectrum are a vast majority who welcome the news, after in the most recent years it has caused "a lot of trouble" for the area and has been "under used for years"

Comments include;

"It's an absolute dump!"
"Well it had to happen"
"the pubs had its day"
"Was only a matter of time"
"The best thing that can happen"


The overall feeling of the community seems to be glad of the plans and looking forward to what may be ahead.

There is no confirmed plans or applications for what the site will develop into yet but many insights suggest a variant of housing to accommodate the increasing demand in Broxtowe.

The consultation period for the demolition plans start 23rd December and stretch to the 1st January for Neighbours and 13th January for Consultees.


What are your options on the plans? Let us know in the comments.



Main Image: Whatpub.com

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Planning Application: Broxtowe Borough Council

(This article is not intended to affect any proceedings but rather highlight the news for the area)

Article Quotes: Memories of Living on the Inham Nook via Facebook