The most festive narrowboat in Nottingham

Have you ever stumbled upon the brightly lit boat travelling up and down the Beeston Canal?

Well if you have, you might have seen the festive Jim Goodinson on-board playing all kinds of Christmas music.

Jim has been decorating his boat up with lights and Christmas decorations for 10 years now.

He has heartfelt place in the community of Rylands and Beeston with many people always cheered up to see the lights.

Mr Goodinson told us, “As soon as we get bonfire over [with], then the locals start pushing for me to get the lights on.”

“My first run is normally timed to go alongside the round table santa as they go along canal side.”

The boat features a wide range of Christmas lights, from animals and stars to strip lights and signs.

It has also been seen over Christmas time to go along the canal into Nottingham and past Meadow Lane on some evening, lighting up the faces of children around the area.

Before Jim purchase the boat and moved to the Canal, he lived on Cornwall Avenue just a stones through away.

There he was also known by many as a very festive person with his decorated head to toe in lights and decorations that lit up the street.

”I lit the house up each year and arranged the Carlton brass band for the evening to play carols.”

It was the must watch display at Christmas that “All the neighbours used to turn out.”

“We had a countdown, a big switch on and fireworks, then the band would play for another 30 mins.“

"It was an amazing atmosphere."

"My old neighbours often see me and say that they miss them nights. I have tried the keep the xmas spirit going [since]."

"One mum said how magical it is for her children as I sail past their house. Apparently the children think its santa."


After 10 amazing years aboard Whirligig, Jim is swapping his boat for something bigger and better.

So look out for a much more larger and better display next Christmas time.

For a final Christmas send off for locals and the community, At around 6.00pm, Jim is travelling through Beeston Lock up the River Trent (Just past the marina), to show the lights and to set a few fireworks off on the way.

Below is a video sent over by Jim of the lights close-up.

If you see the boat or Jim along the canal, pop over to take some pictures and say

A huge thanks to Jim Goodinson for speaking to us and putting on the amazing display each year.